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A Board Announcement..... In view of the ongoing discussions we would like to state that we recognise and support the Community Route as a integral part of the Garw Valley, and are prepared to work in partnership with all stakeholders so as to ensure it's future.


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Class 108 DMU

Class 108 DMU

The first of the Class 108 "Derby Lightweight" DMUs emerged from Derby Works in 1958. This large class was developed from the earlier series of Derby Lightweight vehicles built in the mid-1950s. They retained the lower side windows but had a new cab design. The Class 108 design proved to be flexible and reliable in service, built to what became the mechanical standard. In all 333 individual vehicles were constructed, production ending in 1961.

Designed essentially for local and branch line use the Class 108 followed the low density design pattern of the earlier units with the same interior layout. Built on 57' 6" underframes a two car set could accommodate 117 seated passengers.