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A Board Announcement..... In view of the ongoing discussions we would like to state that we recognise and support the Community Route as a integral part of the Garw Valley, and are prepared to work in partnership with all stakeholders so as to ensure it's future.


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The Engine Shed

The railway is fortunate in possessing a 64 metre long, twin track, covered Engine Shed. Considerable effort has been made to create an effective working area for maintenance, as well as storage, in what is a rather crowded space. Plans have been approved to extend the building in length by approximately 10 metres each end, and to build a third covered siding on the west side. However, priorities change as they do, and we are now concentrating upon constructing a passenger platform along the east side. This will create the opportunity to create a revenue stream once the track is relaid and HMRI passenger certification is granted.

The other consideration is to construct a two storey extension on the north end of the Shed. This is designed to house secure facilities for the railway archives and offices, as well as the Garw Heritage Society's archives and a display area for public access. It will also house the usual railway ticket office, disabled access, a lift, public toilets and platform entrance. Discussions are underway with various funding bodies to finance the work.

The concept of a third storage siding, whilst obviously desirable, is considered to be unrealistic at this stage. There is also a construction constraint due to the presence of a main stormwater drain and a public sewer. Meanwhile, any additional rail stock in our ownership has to be stored elsewhere.

Considering that most of the internal work within the Train Shed has been undertaken by volunteers - including the building of a two storey stores and Messroom facility, a new internal block skin to strengthen the whole length of the east wall and a huge effort to consolidate storage facilities - the result of three years hard work is beginning to pay off. A new Toilet and Shower block was built internally but we used an external contractor for this. Inevitably, most of this work is hidden from the public.

This year, 2015, will see us make further major advances and, hopefully, increase the public awareness of our existence by better publicity and access.