Garw Valley Railway
Rheilffordd Cwm Garw

Valley wide Consultation

Published: 2018-04-10 12:34:19 by Christopher Adams

A poll of opinion to measure support for the proposed Heritage Centre

Starting tomorrow, there will be a wide publicity campaign run by the appointed Consultants, to obtain local and more distant opinion related to the perceived benefits of the combination of the restored Valley railway, the proper management of the Community Cycle path and the proposed idea for a new Heritage Centre added to the existing railway Shed. This Centre will combine the railway and the Garw Valley Heritage Society, so that all the industrial and social artefacts, and administration functions, can be co-ordinated. The main aim of the Consultation is to generate interest in the Valley; to advise on the best ways to manage the project, to develop a proper Business Plan, and finally, to comply with the Heritage Lottery Fund criteria which requires us to demonstrate that the BVRC has made a proper effort to gain community support and opinion. Once this is done (the target completion date is late July next), we can commence preparation of a funding application, called the Development Stage, to approach the Heritage Lottery for initial funding. This initial funding is highly competitive but, if successful, would start us on the stage of collecting full building costs and project management plans before proceeding to Stage 2. Stage 2 would judge whether we have a realistic project that positively benefits the community. Various exhibitions, posters and opinion forms will be available for everyone to offer their thoughts.